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At NZE, we are committed to driving innovation in the data center industry by harnessing the power of the ocean to create sustainable, scalable, and secure solutions for a data-driven world. Our groundbreaking subsea data centers are designed to meet the ever-growing demand for data processing capacity while minimizing environmental impact and reducing land use.


Our subsea data centers leverage the natural cooling properties of ocean water to reduce energy consumption for cooling by up to 90%, resulting in lower operational costs and decreased carbon emissions. By minimizing our environmental footprint, we help businesses embrace a greener future.

Seafloor Sustainability.

Adopting #NetZeroEdge subsea data center technology, a typical 100kW data center in Virginia can save $1.55 million in energy costs over its 15-year lifespan and reduce over 19,148 t CO2e emissions — equivalent to taking 281 cars off the road each year.

physical security.

The underwater location of our subsea data centers provides enhanced physical security, protecting valuable data from unauthorized access. Our robust and reliable infrastructure ensures uninterrupted, high-performance data processing for mission-critical applications.

Today, data centers are estimated to account for approximately 3% of global electricity consumption.

Join the revolution towards sustainable data centers with Net-Zero Edge (NZE). While traditional data centers pose substantial environmental challenges, NZE pioneers a groundbreaking solution through subsea data centers. By submerging the cloud beneath the ocean's surface, we unlock an unprecedented level of sustainability.Through our innovative approach, NZE data centers harness the natural power of the ocean for passive cooling, resulting in an astounding 90% reduction in energy consumption for cooling operations. This remarkable efficiency sets a new standard in the industry.Located strategically near coastal regions, where half of the global population resides, NZE's subsea data centers not only minimize latency but also ensure seamless connectivity to millions. By choosing NZE, you become an advocate for change and actively contribute to the preservation of our planet.


Data CenterInfrastructureNetworking/ConnectivitySustainability
50kW-250kW per podTier III capable (~99.9% uptime)< 200m to shore1.02 PUE
10 racks per podAccess to 100% renewable energyLow-latency access to local IXPs1.00 WUE
6.0m length, 3.0m diameterAccess to wholesale dark fiberLow-latency access to long-haul networks100% recyclable

Truly net-zero data centers.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the data center landscape by embracing sustainable subsea solutions. Discover how NZE can help your business harness the power of the ocean to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation in an increasingly data-driven world.

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