Data centers are killing the planet

Data centers are devouring substantial quantities of energy, fresh water supplies, and precious land resources. At Net-Zero Edge (NZE), our mission is to relocate the cloud to the ocean floor, where we can leverage the natural cooling properties of the seas, thus pioneering the ultimate in efficiency and sustainability for data centers.

Gulping Up Water

52 billion gallons

Google said it consumed 5.6 billion gallons of water in 2022, the equivalent of 37 golf courses. Most of that — 5.2 billion gallons — was used for the company's data centers, a 20% increase on the amount Google reported the year prior. The water consumption across the sector is staggering and totals trillions of litres each year.1

Mega Energy Consumers

3% global electricity

Estimated global data centre electricity consumption in 2022 was 240-340 TWh1, or around 1-1.3% of global final electricity demand. This excludes energy used for cryptocurrency mining, which was estimated to be around 110 TWh in 2022, accounting for 0.4% of annual global electricity demand.2

Going Subsea

subsea data centers

NZE's deployment of subsea data centers on the ocean floor represents a groundbreaking strategy that leverages the immense heat-absorbing potential of the ocean. This innovative approach enables us to passively cool our products, resulting in an astounding 90% reduction in energy expenditures for cooling when contrasted with traditional land-based data centers.The driving force behind this remarkable energy efficiency lies in our utilization of the ocean's vast heat capacities. Ocean currents, characterized by their dependable flow and naturally low temperatures, emerge as an ideal resource for regulating the ideal operating conditions of our data centers.

Ultimate Efficiency

90% less energy

By strategically situating our data centers beneath the ocean's surface, NZE has tapped into an abundant and sustainable source of natural cooling. This innovative approach not only ensures the reliability of our digital infrastructure but also places us at the forefront of energy-efficient solutions for the tech industry.

water consumption

zero water usage

NZE's pioneering technology represents a significant departure from the conventional cooling methods employed in land-based data centers. Our innovative approach removes the necessity for water intake to facilitate the cooling process, addressing a critical concern that has long haunted terrestrial data center operations.

Seafloor Real-Estate

Efficient land-usage

This groundbreaking technology does more than just save energy and minimize environmental impact; it also maximizes the efficient use of space. Traditional land-based data centers necessitate vast tracts of real estate, often leading to deforestation or land use conflicts. In contrast, our subsea data centers occupy the ocean floor efficiently, preserving valuable land resources for more sustainable and ecologically responsible purposes.

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