Powering the digital world, sustainably.

NZE is on a mission to revolutionize the way we think about data center energy consumption. We believe that it is possible to meet the growing demand for computing power while still being environmentally responsible.


NZE is putting the cloud on the seafloor to harness the passive cooling nature of the ocean and help reduce data center cooling costs by up to 90%.

Seafloor Sustainability.

By switching to the #NetZeroEdge, the average 100kW edge data center would save $158,000 per year in energy costs and reduce over 1,260 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually — that's 278 cars.

Modular Design.
Infinitely Scalable.

Let's sink latency to new lows. Designed with scalability in mind, NZE's subsea infrastructure sits next to the 4 billion people who live within 100km of the ocean.

Truly net-zero data centers.

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, NZE is committed to setting a new standard for the data center industry and helping businesses and organizations of all sizes store and process their data in a more environmentally friendly and resilient manner.

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